After many unsuccessful attempts to clean out my closet and get organized, I called Kathryn for a bit of help.  Well, little did I know what a blessing I was about to receive or I would’ve called sooner!  Kathryn swept into my closet with her game face on and while spreading her contagious joy and laughter she made over my closet beyond my wildest imagination.  She purged my closet of every fashion disaster, and incredibly she did it with a gentle spirit and much grace.  When she had completed the task, my closet was ORGANIZED… I could find everything!!  Despite throwing out many old clothes, I felt like my wardrobe had actually doubled in size! Kathryn not only brought organization to my closet which I am forever grateful for, she also gave me the tools to be stylish and confident.  Kathryn Babb is purely passionate about fashion, and has been gifted with an eye for it…that is a fierce combination that sets her apart from the rest!  I can’t wait to work with her again…THANK YOU KATHRYN! 

Julia M., 1/2010


Cookie W., 12/2009


Becky M. 12/2009


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