Fashion Friday::: Beach Wedding

12 04 2013

It snowed this week, not once but twice. If you have to love the unpredictable weather that comes with living in Colorado. Yet, I find myself cruising the internet in search of the perfect swimsuit. Does it even exist? I mean how do you even shop for a swimsuit online? What body type are you? Hourglass (well doesn’t every woman wants to be hourglass)? Full Bust (ugh YES)? Enhanced Torso? Trim Tummy (what do you mean trim my tummy? You mean it’s not from my wine consumption and sit-ups?)? So while the husband is out of town I am dedicating myself to swimsuit shopping in person at every possible store known to mankind. I have to have a swimsuit by next Thursday for we will be playing beach side with a cocktail in hand in Jamaica for my best friend’s wedding!!!! I love waiting to the last minute..NOT!
And I leave you with a perfect beach wedding outfit if I do say so myself!

Fashion Friday::: Beach Wedding

Ted Baker floral print dress, $275 / Burberry wedge heels / Tory Burch handbag / H&M bracelets bangle, $6.14 / C. Wonder neon jewelry / Neon nail polish, $12


For the Love of a Great Bag

29 03 2011

Nothing better than a fabulous bag/purse/clutch to put the finishing touches on your outfit. Here are some of the bags I am eyeing….although some are just eye candy for me!

See by Chloe satchel messenger bag
$495 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather crossbody bag
215 GBP –

Givenchy bag
$1,895 –

See by Chloe satchel tote
$495 –

Chanel leather handbag

Madewell flap handbag
$148 –

Jas MB leather flap handbag
$265 –

Satchel tote
$170 –

It’s Cold Out

21 01 2011

I love the cold weather…you get to bundle up, layer, wear scarves, stoke up a fire, be wrapped up in a warm blanket on the couch, hot coffee drinks, and the crisp air! If I was out and about today this is what I would have on because it is cold here in Dallas today!

Pink (the last post):::

27 10 2010
Dash of Pink

Dash of Pink by KCBabb featuring a pink belt

Lazy Day with Pink

25 10 2010

Let’s all call in sick to work and go on a bike ride around the city! Happy Monday!