Back to the Real World

3 05 2013

The Hubs and I have been back and adjusting to the real world from a fabulous and unbelievable trip that we have said hands down over and over again to each other that it was the “BEST vacation and wedding ever”!

The first part of trip did not start out so fun. In fact, I picked Josh up from the airport the early morning of Wednesday, 4/17th having been in Texas working nonstop for the last few weeks. And as you would know it continues to snow its pretty white flaks all day here in Colorado. Josh called me at work later that day to see if he could come get me early due to the road conditions…having the great bosses that I do I was able to leave work a few hours early. As I get in the car with Josh he informs me that our flight for tomorrow morning (4/18) for my Bestie’s wedding has been canceled!! I am sorry but I was so NOT okay with this development. My fabulous sweet talking resilient husband was able to book us both on a flight for a good ‘ole classic redeye! And yes, the flight was the same day that I picked Josh up at the airport (poor dude spent the whole day traveling..welcome home honey). I told myself I would have a few glasses of wine and sleep on the plane. After a few flight cancellations/delays/changes we finally arrived in Jamaica the afternoon the following day to surprise the soon to be Bride and Groom in the lobby of the hotel! It worked out better then we had initial planned…we arrived in beautiful Jamaica earlier then expected!

I could not have felt more honored and blessed to be there to see my best friend, Cameron since Kindergarten emerge from the girl of “I will never get married” to “this was the best day of my life” bride. And I mean she made one stunning bride!! She radiated pure beauty and complete happiness. And yes I cried seeing her walk down her isle hand-in-hand with her Dad to meet her groom, Mark! Her and Mark our precious together and I love them and loved that Josh and I were there to be apart of their celebration.

I must say we are in love with Jamaica! We stayed at Half Moon Bay Resort and were in awe from the private room that welcomes you at the airport to the details and personal attention at the resort. I mean I could go on and on! It was by far the best resort where we have vacationed. In fact, I asked Josh if we could change our honeymoon vacation to Montego Bay…he is fully onboard..Score!

So now after vacation we are adjusting to being a single husband and wife again for the next few weeks before fire season kick starts again. Josh is in Texas working on the family/friends ranch for the next few weeks. I am maintaining the home front with our life here in Colorado and our 2 girls (aka dogs).

Back to normal life.













Jamaica Here We Come

18 04 2013

The plan was for the hubs and I to venture to Jamaica first thing tomorrow morning for my bestie of 25 years wedding. Well there was change of plan… We are sitting at the airport for a red eye flight to JFK and then the beach!! Seems to have worked out awesome because we will now be arriving to The resort of Half Moon Bay in Montego Bay at 10am and not late that evening… Whoop whoop!

I could not be more excited to leave the 14+ inches of fresh white snow (that is so needed) to the fresh white sand beaches and blue water. More importantly we will be there to celebrate the marriage of Cameron and Mark this coming Saturday.

So I leave you fellow blog readers with a few pictures and apologize for the short pos….drinking a glass of wine at the airport to kick off for a much needed vacation with the hubs before fire season starts in month.

Our current view today


I found a swimsuit (no that’s not me)


Hope this resort is ready for all this




The missing pictures

12 04 2013

Here are a few pictures for a glimpse into our fun adventurous crazy life.







Where have I been?

12 04 2013

I cannot believe I have not written a post in almost a year….loserville over here.  Where do the day and time go. I don’t know where to even begin with writting this post…so here goes an overload of bullet points on where our life has been more or less MIA (apparently). 

  • New jobs
  • Several moves
  • New states…oh yeah we moved from Texas to Colorado
  • learning how to be a wfie with a husband gone 6 months out of the year fighting wildland fires
  • Living in different states from your husband 😦
  • trusting God…this has been a Biggie for the both of us
  • A new precious niece and 2 nephews
  • Moves for family members
  • Sister enlisting in the Army
  • Battling migraines and figuring out “why” they happen
  • Wedding and babies
  • DIY’ing like a crazy person (more on that later)

And in pictures



This is my apology on my absence and an attempt to blog more regularly with my post. 

Stay tuned for some of my DIY projects.


Colorado Bound….

16 08 2011

I am Colorado bound at the end of this week to spend 8 days with my family!!  I could not be more pumped to see everyone, attend a wedding with my sister, Kimberly, to be Violet’s nanny, a baby shower for my SIL, check out a Crossfit gym, sip wine on the front patio with my parents and listen to the water feature my dad (Check his work out here) put in and the best part is that I will need a sweater!!!  It will be a nice break from this intense Texas heat.  The sweet husband will join me later on in the week….Horray!  So here is a little outfit I am planning on packing….Until next time!

Wishing for Fall

Månestråle silk top
899 DKK –

Crop top
$60 –

Seven For All Mankind mid rise jeans
£155 –

Cheetah ballet flat
$13 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors jewelry
$250 –

Juicy Couture goldtone earrings
$48 –

Visitors:::: Kimberly and Violet

9 06 2011

I had an incredible 5 days with my sister Kimberly and my precious niece, Violet who is 3.5 months old and finally tipping the scale over 10lbs….so proud of you growing girl. It is so fun to see one of my older sisters become a mom and just how becoming it is on her. We enjoyed the first part of her visit at our Grandparents house in Dallas and Violet got some good snuggles from her Great Grandparents! And on Sunday we headed out to my house to sit my the pool and just veg until their departure on Tuesday. It was so much fun to have them here and was such good medicine for my soul! Josh and I love you both so much and cannot wait until next time!




Wedding Attire::: New Mom

5 04 2011
My sister, Kimberly called me last Friday to help her find something to wear to a wedding the following day! I was up for the challenge and I must say I love when my sisters call me (I have 2 and 1 sister-in-law) to help them with their outfits. And this was no different except that she gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Violet 5 weeks prior and did not really want to go out and spend a ton of money or have the time to just go shopping with a new little one! So with lots of calls and cell phone pictures back and forth (they live in Colorado) we master her outfit…she looking smoking hot!
I love you Kimberly!*side note….yes, she is standing on top of her toilet so I could get the entire outfit!