Moving and Migraines

19 07 2011

Are just a few of the reasons and lame excuses for my blogging absence?
The Hubby and I (and two dogs) have moved into a darling, quaint 2 bedroom house that we are slowing unpacking, organizing and still moving some things. I never realized just how much stuff just 2 people have and acquire over just a few short years of life together. I mean seriously why did I feel the need to save my InStyle magazines for the last 2 years……anything in them is clearly NOT in style any longer and talk about the making for an extremely heavy trash bag! And why do I have 5 pairs of old running shoes for “just in case”, I am pretty sure one pair of lake/river/yard shoes will do! And we have officially retired all the socks that still don’t have partners into rags for cleaning. With the move we have added a roommate, C. Pace. The Hub and him fought together in Iraq and he is hanging out with us and we could not be happier. And I must say that the extra pair of hands has come in handy with moving and the yard work we now have. I will post pictures of the house, but for awhile we were looking a little redneck with the unpacked boxes and rug that was airing out on the fence. The Hub spent all day yesterday cleaning up the front yard and even put in a flowerbed that is full of life and color. Now only if I can keep it alive with the 100 + degree weather we are having in Texas.
I don’t know if any of my follow readers suffer from migraines, but I would be curious….sometimes it is a lonely journey. I mean last week if you were looking for me I could be found curled up in a ball in my bed with all the lights off and an icepack on the head along with the drugs from my neurologist on the bedside table. I have an appointment with another neurologist next week and am looking forward to another opinion.

Thank you for your patience and lack of blogging. Kathryn




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