Seeking Your Thoughts

27 04 2011

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has had an awesome week and are still reflecting on Christ Resurrection. Our weekend started off with a very somber church service Friday evening and ended on such a high note….He has Risen!

Okay my fellow readers…many of you have asked/commented about the outfits, wardrobe ideas and upcoming style trends and where you can find something comparable but at a more cost friendly price! So that is just what I am going to do!! Now all you have to do is let me know what you would like to see!?

With Love, Kathryn




One response

28 04 2011

I found your blog through Becky M’s. 🙂 I am a horrible clothes shopper for myself. Our baby girl will be born in less than a month and I can’t figure out what we should all wear for the newborn photo session. Do you want to take on that challenge?! Husband, me (keep in mind I will have just given birth), 2 year-old son, and newborn baby girl.
And if you don’t like that challenge. I’d love to see affordable outfits with yellow and some with pinks.
Thanks! Adeline

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