14 08 2010

So I know it is very typical for all of us (yes, even me) to fall into a rut with our clothing…all of it!  Whether it is the same style we gravitate to, the same stores, same articles of clothing in your closet, same shoes, same jewelry and even your same favorite P.J.’s.  It is easy to do; you get tired trying to come up with new concepts, fresh ideas, or trying to figure out if something will work…I mean why even bother messing with something when you know what already works for you, right? Not always!

Here are a few quick ideas to help brighten up your wardrobe and to a little BOLDER. 

  •                Do not be afraid to mix and match textures and patterns  
  •                Buy a piece of jewelry that you would never consider buying and wear it this weekend
  •               Accessories (purse, belt, scarf) are always a great way to change an outfit, especially if you do not want to purchase clothes (I get in funks like that)

Happy a great weekend!




One response

20 08 2010

I like. I’m gonna be scarfing it up as soon as the temperature is less than 90.

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