Julia:::Closet Organization

8 02 2010

Part two with Julia included organizing and cleaning out her closet.  Three trash bags filled with clothes and shoes later her closet is now functioning as it should be! 

















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10 02 2010

Kind of a window to my world at times…chaotic! I’m sure a messy closet says something about someone, which can make you feel a little vulnerable, but for the sake of sharing Kathryn’s mad organizational skills I’m happy to share. I can’t tell you the difference this has made in my LIFE! Yes, my life! I can get ready quicker, and I know where EVERYTHING is! THANK YOU KATHRYN! Why did I wait so long? John needs to be next 🙂 Love you!

10 02 2010

Hey, Kathryn! Fun to see your site! I told my mom she should call you! I just added you to my blog roll. Hope that’s okay!

10 02 2010

Emily, Thank you. I am thrilled to be on your blog roll.

22 02 2010

Great job Kathryn – as Emily said we need to chat sometime! Becky told me what a wonderful job you did showing her different ways to put things together – sounds great to me! Gayle

22 02 2010


I would love to chat! Let me know when you are available.

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