17 01 2010

Becky is beyond adorable and was an absolute joy to work for.  She is just as beautiful on the inside has she is on the outside. 

Having had a baby 12 weeks ago and a two year old at home, part of my job was to help transition her wardrobe to comfortable and functional clothing that Becky likes and enjoys wearing.  Part of Becky’s  wardrobe consists of dresses.  She loves to wear them because of the ease of getting dressed, the comfort, the versatility, and the style.

Printed Purple Cotton Dress, Textured Brown Tights, Brown Boots, Teal Scarf

Cream Sweater (in her discard pile), Blue Button Down (in her discard pile), Blue Jeans, Carmel Flat

Same Blue Button Down, Jeans and Carmel Flat, Black Cotton Jacket (in discard pile) and Jewel toned Scarf

Same Cream Sweater from above, Same Scarf from above, pair with brown or cream tights and her brown flat boot or brown biker boots

Purple Dress (see left), Black Sweater (in discard pile), Black Skinny Belt, and two options for Black Boots




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19 01 2010

She is fabulous.

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